Be Remarkable

Čezeta is a business with a purpose, good to our people and to the planet. It means we want people to work for us for more than just money, you have to care to invest in a way of working that is beneficial to you in so many other more rewarding ways...for us it is about the experience, your opportunity for growth, choosing a path of acquiring wisdom.

We are a brand with a tremendous heritage, but still we are a Startup and we are challenged to change the world with limited resources. This doesn't mean we are a typically stereotyped startup - we don't boast about working 24/7. Instead we prefer to take our time and make the right product, and in the process make work joyful and fun. But always there is the element of chaos because we do not follow the old rules of businesses. In fact, every 6 months our business looks completely different! If you don't thrive on this kind of atmosphere, we're not for you.

Interested in becoming a Čezeta employee?

We are currently hiring engineering staff for our factory in Prostějov and sales and administration staff for our Čezeta Club in Mirošovice u Prahy. If you would like to receive more information about these vacancies, then please email our CEO's office on with some details about yourself and we will get back in touch..